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Wolfgang Trenkle Hardware and Software Development

Consulting And Development for Your Business

Based in Germany Wolfgang Trenkle Hard and Software Development provides services and products in a wide range from systems / network consulting & telecommunication solutions for small and mid-sized companies to enterprise-wide project management and implementation services of central business applications based on SAP, ORACLE RDBMS and other commonly used database solutions on server platforms.
The mentioned standard products are supported, as well as customer-specifc applications for measurement and control, visualization and management are developed per customer specifications.

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Our experience and certification is the foundation for the development and delivery of reliable interfaces and solutions for and between various platforms and environments that are revised and architectured per your actual and future needs. We link together your economical software solution at any level to get the most out of your investments on your business-software and manufacturing equipment.
The interfaces can be either WEB-based applications or intermediate communication platforms as a software solution, or special electronic circuits (standard and custom hardware), available from us or integrated by us from third party, for process control and visualization (solar-thermal systems, PBX systems, industrial manufacturing of tool machines).

One special focus of our SW development activities is on the warehouse and transport logistics and sales & distribution. We provide and develop software for storage and transport optimization, and build the necessary communication bridges in accordance to the existing requirements and warehouse equipment.
Our newly developed custom applications take advantage of the universality of a WEB-based application, thus eliminating specialized graphical or even character-oriented user interfaces, but using standard Internet browsers, where appropriate.
Your legacy software investment can be secured with our expertise in 3rd generation and 4GL development and runtime environments (ORACLE FORMS/REPORTS 4.5/2.5/6i as C/S, also WebLogic-based, onwards), as well, as Delphi applications.

Our systems and IT infrastructure services of choice ...

Wolfgang Trenkle
Hardware and Software Development

Graslitzer Str. 6
Nauheim,  64569
Phone: +49 6152 960050
Fax:   +49 6152 960052
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